Families First Choice, Inc.

On behalf of the management and other staff of Families First Choice, Inc., I take this opportunity to officially welcome you aboard. You are joining a dynamic team of professionals and we are looking forward to your individual contribution to our total corporate effort.

We give you an individual challenge, to do your absolute best work in helping us to collectively achieve success. At Families First Choice, Inc., we believe in the individual and encourage your professional development. We also believe that management’s obligation is to give positive direction and encouragement, and to create the type of professional working environment where each employee wants to do his/her best work.

As you become a fully integrated member of Families First Choice, Inc., you will share our mutual responsibility to all of our consumers to provide the highest level and quality of professional services obtainable.

Again, we welcome you to Families First Choice, Inc., and look forward to your professional contribution and growth.

Lydia Martin
Executive Director